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Season's Greetings 2017

It's the end of 2017 so this will be the last article we publish this year. Today, we'll share with you audience stats (of loyal readers like you) and highlight the best read articles of 2017. Let's get started.

Airport Workforce Development is Hotter Than Ever

Some time back, I wrote Airports Compete for New Talent about the challenges presented to today’s airport industry by the continuing need to attract, retain and develop airport talent.

Whereas most people think the biggest airport challenge is security or air service (important, of course), what really occupies the minds and conversations of airport executives is meeting this challenge. As Dan Parsons said in the first of his excellent three article series, “At some point, the job (of airport executive) becomes less about technical expertise and more about leading people.”

The question has become, where are those people coming from? Why are they different than what I am used to? And, how do I deal with all this? THOSE are the questions I most hear airport leaders discussing in the bars and restaurants – places where they can feel free to talk about any subject on their minds.

As I wrote back then, this was once an industry in which most talent came through certain pipelines and tended to stay through their careers. All of that has been upended. Many of those pipelines exist, certain schools still have good programs, and many people still obtain certain certifications. But the overall picture is uncertain and unsure.

Season’s Greetings 2014

As 2014 wraps up, I want to share with you a few things.

We are proud to be referenced on the 21st of December in, paragraph before last. The only thing, they referred to us as an airline magazine.

New Airport Insider mention in

Further, here are the 3 most read articles, all time. No. 3 Australia Airports Build: The Other End of the Line by Dan Parsons No. 2 Incheon Airport South Korea Evaluates European A-CDM by Kris de Bolle No. 1 Introduction to Airport Planning: The Master Plan by David Ruiz-Celada

And here are the links to all the articles we have published, by category: U.S. Aviation by Greg Principato A-CDM by Kris de Bolle Australia Airports Build by Dan Parsons Airport Wildlife Risk by Dan Parsons Safety Assurance by Dan Parsons China Airports Build by Guillaume Dupont Turkey Airports Build by Guillaume Dupont Indonesia Airports Build by Guillaume Dupont Planning and Development by David Ruiz-Celada New Airport Insider news by Jinan Alrawi

Last but not least, the New Airport Insider team wishes your family and you a warm holiday and a superb 2015!

Thank you for being here and we will back with a new post on the 14th of January 2015.

- Jinan

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Welcome Airport Professionals

Welcome to the New Online Community for Airport Professionals

You may already know me, while other airport folks have met me online. We share our love for airports, innovation and improving the passenger airport journey. Being a fan of technology most of my life and later having worked with airports, one day I asked myself why not bring these into a business model? Here's what you can expect:

DC Design Tech

Where airports and engineers discover innovative technology and new products and services to solve challenges and create new opportunities.

Update 29 Oct 2014: We have merged DC Design Tech with New Airport Insider to form one entity: New Airport Insider

New Airport Insider

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A bit later, a Job Site for Airport Professionals

A new job site for airport professionals where you can explore who is hiring, discover new employers, get career advice, find international opportunities and much more.

Update 1 Oct 2017: We launched Airport Talent

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