Welcome Airport Professionals

Welcome to the New Online Community for Airport Professionals

You may already know me, while other airport folks have met me online. We share our love for airports, innovation and improving the passenger airport journey. Being a fan of technology most of my life and later having worked with airports, one day I asked myself why not bring these into a business model? Here's what you can expect:

DC Design Tech

Where airports and engineers discover innovative technology and new products and services to solve challenges and create new opportunities.

Update 29 Oct 2014: We have merged DC Design Tech with New Airport Insider to form one entity: New Airport Insider

New Airport Insider

Our new blog is for forward thinking airport professionals, engineers and everyone working or is interested in the airport industry.

Led by a team of experienced airport professionals, New Airport Insider offers insights into the most relevant airport issues, emerging technologies, trends, and companies, and the opportunities that they create for airports. Subscribe to updates by email and join the conversation on Twitter at @NewAirportIns


A bit later, a Job Site for Airport Professionals

A new job site for airport professionals where you can explore who is hiring, discover new employers, get career advice, find international opportunities and much more.

Update 1 Oct 2017: We launched Airport Talent

If you have questions or comments, I encourage you to send these to us using our contact form.

- Jinan Alrawi