Season's Greetings 2016

  Like last year, we want to end the year with a summary of what was achieved this year, what to look forward to in 2017 and ask for your feedback.


  • The format of how we send you our articles changed. So in addition to the articles, we are able to add more relevant and valuable information.
  • We missed our birthday. Again! This time we have added the date to our calendar so it won't happen again.
  • ADB Safegate continued working with us and we welcomed NEC Display Solutions Europe and Konetica.
  • Airport Talent was launched. It's objective is to help employers connect with quality airport professionals locally and internationally. So if you are hiring, try Airport Talent or ask your company's recruiter to start using the service. Airport Talent is about quality.
  • We welcomed Azlan Morad as contributor. He wrote 2 excellent blog posts on private public partnerships (PPP) and has an upcoming post on climate change.
  • The subscriber (you) count is now at 530. Our aim is to grow the subscriber base to at least 800 in 2017. If you are not on the email list, subscribe.

If you like our articles and newsletter, please forward them to your colleagues and friends. Also, recommend us to your company for collaboration. New Airport Insider does not advertise. Instead, we grow organically via word of mouth and social media. And we are self-funded.

2017 Resolutions

  • Continue to publish high value, original articles.
  • Not forget our 4th birthday.
  • Bring on board new contributors (if you are interested in writing for New Airport Insider, contact Jinan).
  • Offer an online course, if resources allow (contact Jinan if you want to collaborate).
  • Organize an event, if we find the right partner (all offers will be considered so send in your request).
  • Get help with running the blog so we can publish more often (contact Jinan if interested).
  • Take a well-deserved holiday!

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Sponsor - Support New Airport Insider. Become a Benefactor, sponsor articles or hire us for your digital marketing projects. Jobs - We've added an Airport Talent page on New Airport Insider so that more people know about the service. Employers, if you are hiring, post your job. Airport Talent invites candidates to sign up for the email list to get updates. And employers can sign up here. Airport Suppliers - This is a listing service for airports and others to find industry suppliers. List your company.

Articles Published in 2016

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Your feedback is important. Without it, we cannot improve. So please tell us how we are doing.

Last, But Not Least

Thank you for supporting New Airport Insider. We hope to continue delivering high quality articles for as long as possible. And from all of us at New Airport Insider, we wish you a nice Christmas with your family and a superb 2017.

- Jinan

Update: On 9 Oct 2017 we added links to Upcoming Articles